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Access the MSN Messenger network using mIRC


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You can now have mIRC and MSN Messenger on the same application thanks to MSN Messenger for mIRC, an extension for this popular chat client that lets you chat with all your MSN contacts as if it was just one more channel on IRC.

mIRC will connect with the IRC server you choose and with the MSN servers network at the same time. The services available on this extension are pretty much the same as on MSN Messenger, including file transfers.

Installation is simple, but can prove to be more difficult for non-experienced users. All you have to do is decompress the extension on the Program data directory, which is found hidden in your user folder in Documents and Settings.

Once this operation is completed, write the following command on the console /load -rs msn/msn.mrc. Press accept, restart mIRC and write /msn to access MSN Messenger from mIRC.
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